Lose Weight Like The Stars: Look at these celebrities who did the best diet

First of all, we are absolute advocates of the body positivity movement. Everyone should stay the way they feel comfortable. Unless it is of course harmful to health. But that also includes the decision to lose some weight. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, especially when you don’t feel so comfortable in your own skin anyway. Many compensate for stress or problems with eating. The reassuring thing is that many celebrities feel the same way. Of course, it is much easier for them to lose weight, often with a personal chef or trainer. But it’s still good to be positively motivated, isn’t it? Here are a few before and after pictures to take courage …

Beatrice Egli

Beatrice Marguerite Egli is a successful Swiss pop singer and presenter. She won the tenth season of the RTL casting show Deutschland Sucht den Superstar in a somewhat curvier shape. Many admired her for her interviews, in which she stated that she just enjoyed enjoying herself and was completely comfortable with the pounds. Why did she suddenly lose weight? Her fans suspect that it was because of the breakup with her boyfriend. Maybe she’s too busy ienfcah to eat? Or she just wanted to eat a little healthier. Anyway, it suits her very well too.


Axel Stein

For a long time, the moon face was part of the image of actor Axel Stein, who, for example, played the “good-natured fat man” as the son of “caretaker Krause”. You can well imagine that at some point he literally got fed up with it. In the last two years he got serious, and immediately took off half a hundredweight. In the latest film “Not my day”, the slim comedian can now prove that he can entertain even without a crowd.

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Christine Neubauer

The actress Christine Neubauer has been accompanying the Germans through the previous evening for decades. We saw her for a long time as the “full woman”. Then she discovered the sport for herself and just lost ten kilos. The fans were a little worried when she got less and less. On the floor of the Let’s Dance show, there was no longer any trace of her curves. In an interview, she also said that the training for the show was really tough and pushed it to its limits. Today she just dances down her favorite food.

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Franziska van Almsick

Our Franzi, as the Germans called them in their heyday, had to struggle with a typical problem after the end of her competitive sports career. In her swimming days, she burned tons of calories in the water, now body and mind suddenly had to get used to “normal” portions. Two pregnancies didn’t make it easier for her to settle into the new body. However, with a lot of awareness and strength training, she not only managed to lose some weight but also to feel good in her skin again.

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Barbara Schöneberger

Barbara Schöneberger is one of the most successful entertainers in Germany. Her stupid image built on her hot curves for a long time. She always looked great, but at some point, according to her own statements, she got tired of couch-potato existence. It still has sharp curves. But since she’s been working on it with a personal trainer, she’s been supported by a lot of muscle. You can definitely tell that she feels comfortable with it!

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Thomas Drechsel

Thomas Drechsel was also one of the actors whose figure meant that his friend, who was not taking too seriously, was determined. Funnily enough, the script of “Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten” wrote him the change into real life, so to speak. In his role, he had a heart defect and was serious when the doctor finally advised him to lose weight. With the help of exercise and the renowned Weight Watchers program, he actually managed to lose 50 pounds. And nobody else would say that soap operas are not a subject! Incidentally, Thomas holds on well, with four sports a week and a strict alcohol ban.

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Gülcan Kamps

The public is still puzzled as to why the presenter Gülcan Kamps suddenly looks so petite. She wrote enigmatically on social media about a hospital stay and the worst day of her life. While she doesn’t want to talk yet about what exactly happened and whether her slimming diet was involuntary, it seems clear that it is not a dangerous disease. There was also the all-clear for Corona.

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Birgit Schrowange

Moderator Brigit Schrowange was never really overweight but was annoyed for decades that she did not manage to get a little slimmer. The secret? Regular meals without snacks, plus Pilates and weights three times a week. She proudly presents her new size 38 in rocking tubes. She lost nine pounds in just four months. So, exactly as recommended by nutritionists, aiming for no more than a pound a week.

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Tetje Mierendorf

Obesity is not always unhealthy. But in the case of the all-rounder Tetje Mierendorf, the kilos were not only annoying but also risky. He’s a diabetic. While he ignored the suffering for a long time and some days ten! When he was eating chocolate bars, the rethink came when he became a father. Of course, he wants to stay with his daughter as long as possible, so he finally took the advice of the doctors seriously. One app and many hours in the gym melted 70 kilos! This should mean that it has shrunk by a good half. The new Tetje looks pretty dynamic!

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Liz Baffoe

Liz Baffoe is known to millions of television viewers for her role in “Lindenstrasse”. Because of her love for pasta and sweets, she felt a little too chubby and hired a personal trainer. He not only recommended that she avoid carbohydrates in the evening, but also encouraged her to start running. She jogs ten kilometers now and has made up an impressive twelve kilos.

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Harald Glööckler

Those who like to stand out and sparkle like the weird designer Harald Glööckler will of course find it easier to choose clothes if there are no extra pounds against the seams. With his fortune he can of course easily afford the personal trainer who takes him under the wing three times a week. And he probably also has his own cook who prepares his meals and counts calories for him: He doesn’t allow himself more than 2000 a day. He’s lost twenty pounds on this program in the past two years. Which he also likes to show.

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Patricia Blanco

Some go to the jungle camp to become (again) famous, others see it as a practical way to escape the temptations of everyday life. Patricia Blanco, the daughter of pop singer Roberto, lost seven kilos in 2015 under the strains of the TV show. Motivated, she continued at home with a change in diet and sport. With the help of a cosmetic surgeon, she got rid of the last annoying pounds. After liposuction and stomach reduction, it halved in just a year.

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Jorge Garcia

For a role in “Lost”, of course, you take on a lot. Certainly, a good catch for actor Jorge Garcia, because he lived a really unhealthy life before his entire lifestyle turned upside down. He has already lost fifty kilograms through a lot of exercise, dieting, and not drinking. It’s still heavy, but it looks a lot happier and healthier!

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Verona Pooth

Verona Pooth was always slim, but also curvy. That was her trademark as a model and TV dumbass. It is understandable that at some point an image change was necessary. For this, she cut off her long hair, and also thinned it down quite a bit. From slim to thin Not all fans like that so much. We hope it doesn’t decrease any more.

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Ilka Bessin

We know Ilka as “Cindy from Marzahn”. With her fictional character, she also targeted herself. When she lost her job in 2001, she put on stereotypical 35 kilos. Within a year. As much as she mimed the joke, it wasn’t really good for her. Today she settled down to a healthy weight with the help of a personal trainer. You can really see her new self-confidence, and she still likes to eat. But no longer out of sorrow.

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Maite Kelly

The TV show “Lets Dance” also seems to be a good place to lose weight. Maite Kelly did not only suffer from the hard training, but also from the mocking comments of the audience. As a member of the Kelly Family, she was already on stage as a young girl. However, even then it was quite round. Despite all the critics, she not only won the dance show, but also a new body feeling. But she has partly regained the nine kilos she lost. Thank heartache.

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Melissa McCarthy

We know Melissa McCarthy from her roles in “Gilmore Filrs” or “Mike & Molly”, she always comes across as warm and cordial. One had the impression she felt comfortable in her skin. But in fact, for the sake of her own health and her children, she had long planned to eat healthier and become a little lighter. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a secret recipe: “You just forego all the fun,” she explains her 30-kilo loss. Well, you probably just have to redefine what fun means. In Melissa’s case, it was a lot of protein instead of carbohydrates. And meat and fish are no torture either. And doesn’t she look great in her pink jumpsuit?

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Adele was loved by her fans not only because of her unique voice but also because she stood by her character. Unlike many stars, she just seemed to ignore the slimming mania. But now it has lost weight after all, and enormously! She lost 45 kilos in just a few months. Her recipe for success: the sirtuin diet and a tailored sports program. Sirtuini is the enzyme that is particularly active in lean people and in fat loss. It can be stimulated by eating certain foods: For example, apples, berries, red grapes, dates, citrus fruits, but also nuts and spices such as chilli.

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Daniela Büchner

Acuh Daniela Büchner decided on the public “jungle camp diet”. Relying on rice and beans, like other B-stars, she lost nine kilos there and continued the regiment at home. It is admirable how the single mother of five children pulls herself up again and again. She has already lost two husbands. But not the will to work on yourself.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 14.55.39

Dieter Bohlen

Dieter Bohlen is known for extreme views and fashion decisions. No wonder that the titan of the German pop industry does not remain in the gray area even when dieting. He shed the last ten kilos with iron discipline: in the morning he feeds half a kilo of yoghurt with fruit such as blueberries and pineapple, plus two egg whites from the pan and a detox tea. He then converts the extensive power breakfast into the muscle on the bike. He completely renounces sugar. Since then, the silver suit fits again.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 14:59:52

Lavinia Wollny

So far, it has not been easy for young Lavinia in her life. Who wants to be exhibited in front of an audience of millions as a teenager in Germany’s heaviest family. No wonder that the Wollnys’ offspring was noticed as a rebel on the RTL show. While she didn’t make a big fuss about her weight loss herself, her followers on Instagram saw the difference immediately. Her mother stated that she had easily lost 50 pounds. Good for you!

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 3 p.m. 46

Princess Beatrice

As a member of the royal family, Princess Beatrice always had all eyes on herself. It’s mean when a whole country judges your body. Again and again, it was said that she was too plump. Unfavorable bikini photos were printed in gossip magazines and subtitled derisively. As if she owed the public a body of steel. Apparently, the whole thing touched her heart and she became emaciated. As usual, the mockery turned into worry, now the magazines said she was anorexic. Today she finally managed to settle down to a weight with which she and apparently also the people are satisfied. We are happy for you, after all, your wedding is imminent.

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Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson became a world star with her role in “Pitch Perfect”. The pound Australian decided for herself that 2020 should be a healthy year. And she seems to be one of the few who stick to her New Year’s resolutions. Although 2020 has really not been the easiest year so far, her fans can follow on Instagram how she is losing pound by pound and getting tighter and tighter. The great thing is, she encourages her followers to do the same.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 03/15/49

Moritz A. Sachs

Moritz A. Sachs is known as “Lindenstrasse”. In 2018 he pulled the ripcord and had a thorough check-up by the doctor. When he advised him to lose weight to get his high blood pressure under control, he got serious. The fact that he now only consumes 800 calories a day seems a bit exaggerated to us. After all, he also does a lot of sport. But the diet is definitely successful. He has lost 43 pounds and is now almost a little too slim.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 04/15/29

Katy Karrenbauer

Katy Karrenbauer had also hoped for the diet effect of the jungle camp but quickly recovered the lost pounds. But the decision had been made, she wanted to change something and make a lasting difference. So she decided on an unusual procedure. It’s called “cool sculpting”. Fat cells are frozen away, so to speak, and thus broken down by the body. However, she was still not entirely happy and continued with an Ayurveda cure. This gentle method seemed to suit her body. She lost another 11 pounds and is now completely satisfied with her body.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15.07.54

Hans Sigl

Our “Bergdoktor” Hans Sigl first completely poisoned himself before he switched his diet to almost meat-free. For three months he avoided carbohydrates, alcohol, sugar, but also vegetable fats from butter, cheese, or sausage. His wife and son have long been vegetarians, so all he had to do was take inspiration from them. He’s now indulging in carbohydrates again but has lost a whopping twenty kilos with the change. You can wear checks again there.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 08/15/32

Blake Lively

Blake Lively caused quite a few fits of envy in “Gossip Girl” with her gazelle-like figure. So it is all the more likable that the flawless actress also gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and gained a good 30 kilos. To get back to her fighting weight, she tries to keep herself full longer with proteins. She completely renounces alcohol, but every now and then a cheat day is included. Then there is their beloved pizza or pasta. But if you do sport almost every day, you can of course sin more often. Now she is as slim and slim as ever.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15.10.12

Tyra Banks

Vob because supermodels are naturally thin. The once extremely petite Tyra Banks gained weight when she injured her knuckle and suddenly couldn’t move that much. Her doctor advised her to take some weight off so the joint could recover more quickly. In order not to fall into the well-known yo-yo effect, however, she took her time and only reduced her weight through a particularly balanced diet. The ankle has long been healthy again, and now she can treat herself to ice cream again without worrying about her model figure.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 11/15/11

Chaka Khan

Singer Chaka Khan was also shaken by a medical diagnosis. Type 2 diabetes is literally no picnic. In addition, the blood pressure was too high. She had been feeling unwell for months and made radical changes to her diet. First, she did a pure drinking cure, enriched with vitamins. Lost 30 pounds and eventually got used to a vegan diet. Seems to do her good!

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15.11.52

Sibide Gabourey

Sibide Gabourey won over audiences and critics with her role in “Precious”. The excess pounds didn’t hurt her success as a character actress, but she wasn’t entirely happy with her weight herself. Numerous diets failed and the dark yo-yo effect finally reached 175 kilos. When she finally got diabetes, the doctor suggested that her stomach should be reduced. However, it is also important to change your diet and exercise is not only good for your body, it also tightens the excess tissue. Today she presents herself confident and a whopping 70 kilos lighter on the red carpet.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15.12.38

Celine Dion

Celine Dion was really never too fat. Because of this, her weight loss a few months ago caused great concern among her fans. The singer has gone through a lot in recent years, not least the loss of her beloved husband. In the TV show “Good Morning America” she tried to keep speculation in check. She is neither sick nor anorexic, she likes her body that way. And the weight loss is the only result of her new, exhausting hobby: Celine has discovered dancing for herself.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15:13:37

Susan Boyle

Singer Susan Boyle has been through quite a bit over the past few years. In 2012, the Scottish woman was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. She then withdrew completely for three years. When she reappeared, she announced the next bad news to her worried fans: Unfortunately, she is An Diabetes Type 2. Apparently, she has dealt a lot with her health and looks like exchanged in new photos. Just doing without cakes and sweets helped her lose 13 kilos. But psychologically, too, she seems to be in balance again.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15:14:19

Estefania Wollny

Estefania Wollny became known as the offspring of the heaviest family in Germany, but like her sister Serafina, she got off the hook last year. The main reason was an extended hospital stay after she collapsed in the park. Fortunately, such alarm signals are taken seriously. But is a 30-day speed diet that healthy? Well, it seems that Estefania has managed to change her way of life in a sustainable way. Today the scales show 17 kilos less.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15:20:34

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s trademark is her bulging bottom, otherwise, she was always very slim. But after her second pregnancy, she also struggled with the pounds. She is known as a disciplined businesswoman and of course, has plenty of money to get all sorts of help. Nevertheless, you have to admit that it takes discipline to do your sports program before six in the morning in order to wake up the children afterward and take care of business. And of course, maintaining the Instagram account. With an Atkins diet and moderate to 1,800 calories a day, Kim lost more weight than the pregnant pounds. 53 kilos in her curves, her fans also find that a bit borderline.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15:22:41

Jennifer Hudson

Singer Jennifer Hudson looks more fit and trained than ever. Funnily enough, after losing 35 pounds, she boasted that she didn’t need exercise to keep her figure. But maybe you just do it now with the lighter body? After the birth of her child, she turned into a real sportsman. In addition to fitness units, you can also see them on the basketball court from time to time.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15:23:21

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill is a successful actor and apparently, his weight hardly affected his health either. The motivation to lose weight, but still had something to do with his job. As a “fat” actor, he was locked into certain roles. With the help of a personal trainer and a rigid sports program, he actually managed to lose twenty pounds. the success was not only evident on the scales.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15:24:03

Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis not only acted as the happy drinking companion in “Hangover”. He owed his bear figure mainly to up to twenty! Beers in the evening. Since he completely renounced alcohol and preferred to take a walk through the park instead, he has just lost 25 kilos. Four beers are also a schnitzel. His liver will thank him.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15:28:25

Christian Bale

Actor Christian Bale is known for giving everything for a role. For “The Machinist” he not only skipped sleep to look extra tired but also lost 30 kilos. And that on a zero diet. Only water and now and then an apple were allowed. For “American Hustle” on the other hand, he fed himself a stomach, for “American Psycho” on the other hand, he pressed the muscle bench. With him, we just have to worry that he doesn’t go too far with the role preparation. There is no lack of discipline.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15.29.13

Janet Jackson

You never know which Janet Jackson you will see next. Her weight fluctuates constantly, sometimes she is super slim, sometimes plump, sometimes well trained. The last fluctuation was excused by the baby bump that Michael’s little sister, at the proud fifty years of age, pushed before her. After that, she went back to a strict diet and lost 23 pounds. She must have several wardrobes at home, organized by size.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15:29:57

Christina Aguilera

Actually, she was a great role model: Christine Aguilera stepped up and presented her curves confidently. But at some point, the gossip got too much for her and so the singer relied on the so-called “Fresh Diet”. You get the food from a delivery service, every meal is fresh and very vegetable and has a maximum of 1,600 calories. In addition, she did a lot of cardio training and yoga as a counterbalance. She is rid of the chubby image.

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15.30.40

Missy Elliott

As a rapper, the pounds were just Missy Elliot’s. She liked herself anyway. But she probably felt the consequences for her health after all and decided to reduce her weight. One of their problems was the Soft drinks. She consistently replaced them with water. According to her own statement, it is more difficult to do without fast food. But she seems to succeed, today she is 30 kilos lighter and is radiant with energy!

Screenshot 2020 08 02 at 15:31:18